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Thank You to all who have supported Fort Turner! Your appreciation of our products is the fuel for our artistry.

Top World Competitors Use Fort Turner Hawks and Knives

Most prolific knife throwing champion in history, with 30 1st place National Championships and 17 World Championships.
2009 - 1st Place Expert World Champion Knife with new world record score of 260.

2010 World Champion Frontiersman Throw
2009 1st place Frontiersman World Championship
         2nd place Hawkins Throw
2008 1st place Mountain Man Throws
         2nd place World Champion Knife Throw

2009 1st Place Hawkins Throw
2008 3rd place Frontiersman Throw
         2nd place Mountain Man Throw

2010 Three time World Champion Knife Throwing Fast Draw

Notes and Letters from our Customers

"Fort Turner hawks and knives are what I spent weeks hunting for on the internet. They are well made and throw as good as they look. We give them a workout year round through use during rental groups and summer camps...not to mention the little midweek competitions with staff. I proudly promote any product that can stand up to the rigors of camp life, and these do. Thanks Dana for making an excellent product."

Wm. Lee Bertram, Retreat Director, Frontier Camp, Grapeland, Texas

"While deployed to Iraq, we developed a Tomahawk league. The weekly winner was called the WTF (World Tomahawk Federation) Champion. The standard on the range was the hand crafted tomahawks from Fort Turner. Dana does an exceptional job of forging well balanced durable tomahawks that will hold a good edge. I have five and I am planning to add to my collection. "

Major Eric Teegerstrom

"While in service with the Army over the last two years I saw many other soldiers using Tomahawks. I watched as others spent hundreds of dollars on 'modern', 'cutting edge' hawks (one for $300 dollars, if I remember right). My "FT" held a better edge, withstood brutal punishment in the harshest conditions, and out performed all the expensive 'designer' hawks and unlike many others, came back home in one piece, still looks beautiful, and has found a place of honor on my wall. I am proud to be an owner of one of your fine products. The difference I think...craftsmanship. I'll be ordering a new one soon. Thank you."

SFC Matthew Moulton.

"You are absolutely right when you say your knife is an excellent thrower! Anyone who doubts your word need only try one out. I personally went from a 15-20% stick rate with my old knife to an 85-90% rate with yours after less than 1 hour of practice! It is almost boring to throw the thing, it sticks so easily! Thanks again for offering a top quality, well-designed throwing knife and for your personal instruction. The world needs more folks like you."

Sincerely, Richard DeOrian.

"Thank you! I'm totally impressed. These are the sharpest axes I've ever seen. They are real battle ready weapons. I can truly tell that the steel is hand forged; a rare thing these days, as you well know. I was looking online everywhere for a small axe that was well made, but everything was cast, machined or drop forged. I am thrilled with the product and the speed at which it came. My dad is going to freak when he sees these. I guarantee they will be his favorite birthday gift ever. He will surely put them to good use."

Thanks again, Steve Morgan.

"I would like to give you credit on an outstanding knife. Not only does it look simple, it's fascinating. I am amazed at how well it throws. I have thrown a lot of cheaper knives like Hibbens, Cold Steel, etc. This is by far my favorite knife to throw. You don't have to worry about breaking it, you don't have to worry about the handle snapping off or the blade itself chipping. Additionally, the hooked point sinks the blade where any straight bladed knife may have bounced off or fell out. I must commend you expertise in designing such a fantastic thrower. I look forward to purchasing my throwers from you, and you alone."

SSG Aaron Stone.

"All I can say is Wow! Beautiful sheath, beautiful handle, and a very nicely forged head. I thank you very much for the great product and the great customer service."

Alexi, aka Littleknife.

"I am a paratrooper serving in Afghanistan. I bought your Iroquois tomahawk a few months ago. I couldn't have been happier with the purchase."

Very Respectfully, SSG Samuel Miller.

"Received the two Rogers' Rangers Tomahawks and I wanted to tell you it was a pleasure doing business with you. The quality of workmanship and materials leaves nothing to be desired and to my knowledge there is not a better value available in the market!"

Bill Ratcliff

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